GRP Cabinets, Enclosures & Boxes

What is a GRP Cabinet?

GRP cabinets (also known as GRP boxes and GRP enclosures) are made from Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester and are strong, durable and shockproof, compact, low maintenance yet light weight. GRP enclosures are corrosion resistant, watertight and UV resistant.

What are GRP Cabinets used for?

GRP cabinets and boxes have high impact protection, they are well insulated and have a high ingress protection rating, this means they are ideal for being used for outdoor watertight enclosures for applications such as electrical, gas, telecoms or meter boxes.

What is a GRP Electrical Cabinet?

A GRP electrical cabinet is an enclosure that protects items such as electrical appliances, power lines and electrical circuits. The use of the GRP material is ideal because it helps insulate from electric shocks and the boxes are UV resistant and watertight.

What are the benefits of GRP Cabinets?

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Compact
  • Excellent durability
  • Great insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Does not conduct electricity
  • Non-conductive
  • Radio wave transparent
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water resistant
  • East to fit

Superior Quality, Highly Flexible, with Many Applications, our Protector GRP Cabinet Range are Manufactured in the UK

Our Standard Protector range of GRP Cabinets and electrical cabinets are extremely robust, durable, compact and lightweight and can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Electrical cabinets
  • Meter boxes
  • Small pump stations
  • Roadside cabinets
  • Gas
  • Water sampling boxes
  • Stand pipe cabinets
  • Telecoms
  • Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Used in both public and commercial environments
  • And many more uses

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The Protector range of GRP cabinets provide a durable, secure and compact storage solution for varied a range of equipment.

Standard Colour – Green BS 4800 14-C-39 Technical drawings available.

DOOR TYPESingleSingleSingleDoubleDoubleDoubleDouble
DOOR OPENINGClear Width20549071091091013001760
Clear Height62580595095095011801270

Additional Cabinets

modelExternal With(mm)External Depth(mm)External Height(mm)

All cabinet dimensions are in mm

Protector GRP Cabinet Optional Features

  • GRP membrane floor
  • Plyboard/Mounting boards
  • Wired glass inspection windows in door leaf
  • Wall mounting plates/Battens/Uni-struts
  • Automatic hold open stays
  • Top hinged lockable 300 x 300 mm cable entry door
  • Non-standard colours from BS 4800 range
  • Several other features available on request
  • Electrics
  • Gland-plates
  • Internal Partitioning
  • Other special customer requirements

Water Sampling/Stand Pipe GRP Cabinets

GRP composite construction, with internally adhered foam to provide frost protection 1 No single door, clear opening 210 X 620 H fitted with Triangular keyed pawl latch or cylinder night latch lock and stainless-steel hinges.

Door construction GRP/12 mm timber core/GRP1 No 150 mm wide X 785 high encapsulated 25 mm ply panel in rear wall and a GRP membrane floor Complete with bib tap on standpipe with stop tap, drain tap and anti-back siphonage devices External satin Finish (GELCOAT) Standard Colours: Green BS4800 14-C-39 or Grey BS4800 10-A-07. Internal finish white wipeable finish.

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Quick Delivery on our Standard GRP Cabinets

Our standard protector range of GRP cabinets are available for delivery 48 hours from the placement of your order. If preferred a 24-hour premier service is available at additional cost.

Non-standard GRP Protector cabinet delivery is to an agreed manufacturing programme. Complete the form stating your specification and click on ‘get quotation’. It’s as simple as that. Our dedicated sales personnel will respond promptly upon receipt.

Standard cabinets, as pictured, are defined as PRF to PR7, Q18, Q26, colour green (BS14-C-39), with standard locking facility.

Non-standard lead times are to be agreed at time of quotation.

Contact us on (01269) 832220 or email us at to discuss your GRP cabinet requirements or to get a quote.