Nuclear Containment Systems

Typical features and options include:

  • Ports for material postings and handling windows for viewing
  • Bunded base for wet operations
  • Double or single doors hinged either left or right and can be inward or outward opening
  • Suitable lifting provision lighting
  • Vent apertures to enable extraction ventilation and necessary filtration
  • Entirely weather proof and suitable for outdoor use also
  • Smooth Gloss surface finish to facilitate decontamination

After extensive  design consultation and rigourous testing, we were instructed to manufacture GRP composite nuclear contaminant containment systems for BNFL Trawsfynydd . Their purpose is to effectively contain contaminated dust from the interior of  ponds as the first layers of concrete are mechanically removed and extracted . This GRP covers is a modular containment  methodology and  is now an approved system. Its effectiveness can be applied to all pond containment and other decommissioning requirements as a solution.

Trawsfynydd Pond Covers

The speed of construction together with the excellent strength to weight ratio and ease of cleaning brought us to the attention of those at Trawsfynydd who where looking to enclose the pond area

Glass Reinforced Polyester  (GRP) solutions
while clearing the contaminated surface material away. In addition our structure was also required to support the camera, ventilation and vacuum systems while also maintaining access for the installation of the Brokk machinery. The final configuration also allowed the pond covers to be erected adjacent to the ponds to reduce man hours  over the ponds. The the modular containment system reaching 100 meters in length and 4.5 meters wide was then slid into position using a track and pulley arrangement.