Design Philosophies

Internal Factory Merged Shot (Small)

We have 12 fully trained Quinshield site personnel of which three fulfil a supervisory function. At regular intervals our Operations Director will perform random site work audits thus ensuring good quality and good customer satisfaction. All our site personnel have at least four years specific and relevant experience.Site supervisors have in excess of ten years. This includes all work procedures relevant to our trade, such as cranage, lifting and all associated health and safety ,environmental and quality matters.  All our design philosophies have been suitably tested and proven and include:

  • Fire Test (Warrington Fire Research: see below right)
  • Water soak test (PRS35 National Grid)
  • Temperature cycling test (PRS35 National Grid)
  • Impact test (BS EN 596 1995)
  • Explosion relief performance (University of Wales)
  • Ignitability of materials and post fire impact (PRS35 ,Bs 476 Pt 12)

For further design performance and compliances please refer to our GRP products page and the technical specifications therein.Or feel free to contact us

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